The Quarry




Duck hunting at El Rincon is the finest in all of Argentina, and it’s the reason that booking a hunt here must be done years in advance. The Estancia’s hunting grounds are located in the low lands between the Uruguay and Parana rivers, a land so fertile and productive that its agricultural yield is almost unbelievable. Vast acres of rice, wheat, sorghum and corn production along with vast areas of wetlands set up the perfect habitat for millions of residential and migratory waterfowl, some twelve species of ducks may show on any given mornings hunt. While no resource, regardless of how bountiful, can be hunted without conservation, the daily limits are set a little differently at El Rincon. Instead of establishing the customary twenty to thirty duck count bag limit, common in most of Argentina, El Rincon provides each hunter with a five box, 125-shell limit. When was the last time you shot…or even imagined shooting five boxes of shells on a morning duck hunt? The waterfowl experience at El Rincon is the best that Argentina can offer.


Populations of Eared Doves in Argentina defy belief and often reach plague levels of existence. The economic consequences to farmers by such unchecked numbers is a real problem in this country and hunters are greeted with enthusiasm and respect as they provide a measure of relief to the problem. On any given afternoon an aggressive shooter can burn through thirty or more boxes of shells. Birds will cross you at all manner of heights and from every imaginable direction, it’s an opportunity to polish your shooting prowess that no other bird shoot can provide.


Hunting Perdiz over pointers is a classic upland game bird experience and hunting them is something you will not want to miss. They can be found in mixed terrain but are usually located in short grass pastures that most hunters describe as easy to walk. The visual experience of watching well-trained bird dogs work the field in front of you only to be followed by an explosive flush makes for a capstone to an otherwise perfect trip. Hunting the Spotted Tinamou, locally known as the Perdiz, is an optional hunt at El Rincon. To hunt the Perdiz you may substitute a morning duck hunt without charge or add a mid-morning hunt after your duck hunt for an extra fee of $180. Most guests experience at least one Perdiz hunt during their stay.