The Estancia



Estancia El Rincon

There are many estancias in Argentina, but El Rincon, circa 1890, is different. It is as beautiful as it is historic and your visit here will be nothing short of unforgettable. Your days at El Rincon will not be like your days at home. The pace is different, the people are different, and by the time your trip is over you just might begin to think that someone else has figured out a better path. At its peak, El Rincon was one of the largest ranches in Argentina with an unimaginable three million acres in its dominion. Today this piece of history plays host to people from all over the word with a common obsession, the pursuit of the ultimate wing shooting experience.

Situated in the Providence of Entre Rios you will find that El Rincon has it all and can offer spectacular mixed bag hunts for ducks, doves, and perdiz. This mixing-it-up of hunting opportunities creates a unique experience and a full appreciation for the bounty of this land. Each hunt will present the hunter with a unique experience, challenge and memory.

El Rincon was completely renovated by its current owners and offers all of the modern conveniences you will need for a amazing trip. The rooms and bathrooms are typical of what one might expect at a first class European hotel. The Estancia has eight bedrooms and five bathrooms. Electrical service is 220 volts, so a standard converter and two-pronged plug should be brought along.