The Journey



Travel to the Estancia

After arriving in Buenos Aires, El Rincon is roughly a 3.5 hour bus ride north west near the town of Gualegay.

Airline Flights and Scheduling

The best part of hunting Argentina is the relative ease for international travel. We take an overnight flight, as a group, from the US to Buenos Aires (BA) and arrive first thing the following morning. Be prepared to sleep the trip away as this will be your normal nighttime sleeping pattern and you will want to be ready to go when we land.  The time zone at our destination is just two hours ahead of US CST, so European style jet lag rarely occurs. The same type of schedule should be expected on the way home.

Wild Wing Outfitters specializes in small group adventurers.  To make this the best trip possible, we organize and minimize waiting and travel time. To accomplish this, we travel in a group from the time we board our flight to Argentina to the time we board our flight back to the US.

If you would like to extend the length of your trip on the front end or the tail end, it’s no problem; just let us know what’s on your mind so we can arrange connection points and times.

Travel Documents

A valid passport IS required to enter Argentina, a Visa is NOT required. Travelers should also possess usual and customary forms of identification, drivers license etc.

Make sure to check the expiration on your passport! Some countries require that a passport remain valid for as much as a year from your entry date. If your passport is anywhere near expiration, renew it. We also strongly recommend taking a picture of your passport with your smart phone as a backup.

Always keep your passport, airline tickets, and other important or valuable items with you at all times during your travels.


Spanish is the national language, but you will find that many Argentinians, especially those in customer interaction areas like shops or restaurants, will speak English.

Firearms and Ammunition

The process of taking a firearm from the US to Argentina and back again has become increasingly difficult and often leads to extensive delays for the group, and on hosted hunts we travel as a group. These delays (often several hours or more) puts the arrival day afternoon hunt in jeopardy for the group. For this reason, we do not allow our clients to bring personal firearms on hosted hunts. The operator owns a fine selection of semi-automatic and over-and-under style shotguns and rents them for a modest fee, typically around $65* per day. All guns are in excellent condition and you will surely find a firearm to your liking.

No ammunition is allowed into Argentina from the US, all shells must be purchased directly from the operator. The current cost for shells is around $14* per box. Payment for shells is made in US dollars with US cash or a personal check. Traveler’s Checks or credit cards are not accepted. 

* The prices listed are the last verified and are subject to change. Actual cost of gun rental and cost of shells per box will be firmly quoted in your hunt contract. Just in case you are curious, Wild Wing Outfitters does not receive a commission for gun rental or shell sales.